Susie's Restaurant,Culebra - Tropical Latitudes Cuisine

About Susie:
" I will cook every dish with lots of love. Enjoy the experience, and leave the hurry at the door!" I will not serve a dish until it's perfectly cooked and a sauce properly reduced"
My commitment to you is to make it a memorable experience!
Susie is a chef with 19 years experience. She studied  in The State of New Jersey where she focused in culinary Art's, restaurant & Hotel management.

Moving back to her native Island (Puerto Rico) in 1996 she worked at the Caribe Hilton & Ritz Carlton Hotel as a line cook & restaurant manager. Looking for wider horizon's besides those offered by corporate institutions she decided to work in smaller operations where creativity could be expressed more freely.

She worked at restaurant's in Old San Juan from 2000 to 2004.

Looking for a change of pace she discovers the Island of Culebra falling instantly in love with it's beauty,people and way of life. Here she has  found the creative outlet she needed to practice her craft. 

Her philosophy is to fuse flavors all way's respecting it's origins but showcasing them at their best!
                                                 Tuna tartar with earthchips

Location:State road #250 at Las Delicias Culebra