Susie's Restaurant,Culebra - Tropical Latitudes Cuisine
Fresh Culebra Tuna loin crusted with sesame seeds Mediumrare served with Sechuan sauce & wasabi.

Susie's Island Mash:

Some time ago I was asked for this recipe
It's all-ways on the menu. A tropical twist to mashed potatoes.

1# of peeled casabe (yucca)
1/2# of Taro root Or dasheen,   (taro & dasheen=malanga o yautia lila)
1 Idaho potato peeled
4oz. whole butter
2t. pureed garlic
salt & pepper to taste
Peel all root vegetables cut into 2"pieces and place in saucepan with the exception of potato which will be added towards end of cooking period.
cover with water.Bring to a rolling constant boil for 15-20 minutes until you can insert a fork through.
Add potato towards the last 10 min. of cooking, this is because the potato cooks faster and we don't want it disintegrating.
When fully cooked drain vegetables and place in a bowl.Mash with a  masher or fork while you incorporate the rest of the ingredients.Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.

This recepie is very versatile and easy to make your own.
We have added Parmesan cheese, cilantro pesto, olive oil instead of butter, Heavy cream etc. etc.
The important thing is to keep it simple and allow the true earthy flavors to come through!
Buen Provecho!

Susie's Curry Cream sauce                        (24oz. aprox.)
For 4-5pp cut ingredients by half
This sauce is perfect for Poultry and seafood in general:

Guee                        1Tablespoon to saute (clarified butter)
Lime leaves                5 (or rind of one lemon)
Ginger                      1teaspoon
Garlic                       1teaspoon                                    Onion                        1 large finely chopped
curry powder              2t
chicken base              1t
Tumeric                     1t
Cumin                        1t
Garam masala             1/2t
Amchur                     1/2t (dried green mango powder)available in  Indian markets)
Chili dried                  1                                        
Cloves                      4
Cinnamon stick           2
Béchamel sauce         16oz
Heavy cream             16oz qt. 
Coconut milk unsweetened   2Tor to taste

Procedure :

Saute onion and ginger in ghee until translucent.
Add cinnamon cloves & chili followed by the garlic,chopped lemon leaves or rind and powdered ingredients. De-glace immediately with the white wine. Reduce until you have 2T of liquid left. Slowly incorporate béchamel and half the heavy cream reduce 3/4 at low heat while stirring frequently with a whisk.
At this time I decide what I want to accompany the sauce with.  For poultry add 1t. of chicken base, for seafood you can add seafood base, I myself use Vietnamese Fish sauce.
Incorporate the last of the heavy cream and coconut cream
Adjust seasonings. the coconut should be faintly felt as a refreshing balance to the heat of the curry and chili.Reduce at very low heat until you reach the desired consistency,shut off and Let it rest at least for 10 minutes.
Pass through very fine sieve serve over seafood or poultry
& pastas.